Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Black Flag, Henry Rollins, and Storytelling

After debating whether or not I would ever get a tattoo since I turned 18, I finally took the leap this weekend. After much thought I decided to go with a design that actually fits within the scope of this blog: The iconic bar logo of 80's hardcore band Black Flag. The reason I decided to get the tattoo ties both into how much I enjoy the music and what it means to me and how much I respected the members for their contributions to music. I could spend days writing about the history of Black Flag and everything they endured over their career, but I will stick to the basics. They basically blazed a trail for underground bands and played all over the country, even in states where they may not have drawn a large crowd. Their sound influenced a slew of hardcore bands and grunge bands and their legacy is still felt even today. They ran their own label and endured touring conditions that would send most bands packing. They had things thrown at them constantly, people would hit them during sets, and yet they never relented and gave everything they had each show.

I finally had the opportunity to get the bars tattoo and I jumped at the chance and never looked back. Although I know many people reading this blog may not enjoy the music, I hope that there is at least an appreciation for the legacy the band has left behind. They are basically responsible for creating a DIY touring network that many underground bands still utilize.

Vocalist Henry Rollins went on to write numerous books, release spoken word albums, record music under the Rollins Band moniker, and appear in movies. You might have even seen him in "The Chase" with Charlie Sheen, the "Jackass" series, Bad Boys 2, etc. I love Henry Rollins' spoken word performance, he is an excellent storyteller and has some incredible stories. Below is one of my favorite stories, where Henry details his audition for "Death To Smoochy" and reading for the part in front of director Danny DeVito. You may be surprised at the outcome, I know I was. Even if you just scan this entry, if nothing else please, please, PLEASE watch this clip. It's hilarious and if nothing else you will gain insight into what it is like auditioning for movie roles.

 Do any of you have any tattoos that mean something special?

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  1. Ha! That's funny. Yeah, I have a tattoo, but if I had it to do over again, I wouldn't, so I guess I have no meaningful tattoo story. I'm glad you really like yours though. You should add a picture of it to this post.