Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting The Band Back Together

It seems that in the past few years, many older bands have decided to dust off the cobwebs and reunite. Whether it be for new shows, new recordings or both, there is nothing more exciting then bands you love getting back together. This especially applies to people who became a fan of a band long after the band has broken up and finally gets to see that band perform or older fans who always longed for new recordings of their favorite band. This week I want to look at some bands that I grew up listening to (and in some cases still do) that have reunited.

Braid - Easily the greatest news so far of 2011 is the fact that Braid is reuniting to record new songs for an EP, their first release since 1998's Frame & Canvas. Although there is much debate on what genre they fit into, for better or worse they are seen as one of the greatest emo bands to come out of the '90s. They are back in the studio with producer J Robbins and to say I am excited to hear the new songs would be an understatement. This is one reunion I hopes lasts for awhile and brings about another full-length records.

Further Seems Forever - While many people reading this blog may not recognize this band, they will recognize the name of the original lead singer - Chris Carrabba, who most people know through his project, Dashboard Confessional. The band originally formed with Carrabba as the vocalist in 1998 and released their debut The Moon Is Down to positive reviews. Carrabba eventually left the band in 2000 in order to focus on Dashboard Confessional, but still recorded The Moon Is Down, which was released in 2001. Over the course of the band's next two albums, each album featured a different vocalist. Finally, Carrabba rejoined the band in 2010 and has been performing shows with them and writing new material.

I am super excited about this reunion as The Moon Is Down is one of my favorite albums and I always liked their material with Carrabba the best. I cannot wait to hear how the new songs turn out. For any who absolutely hate Dashboard Confessional, I would still give this album a chance, the music is vastly different.

Taking Back Sunday (Tell All Your Friends line-up) - When I heard that John Nolan and Shaun Cooper would be rejoining Taking Back Sunday after leaving the band in 2003, my younger teenage self went absolutely crazy. I listened to Tell All Your Friends from start to finish thousands of times since it came out and it served as my soundtrack for much of high school. I knew every word of every song by heart. I am still unsure of how excited I should be though. Although I still love Tell All Your Friends, I am worried that I may have "grown out of" the sort of music that Taking Back Sunday plays. I am also worried that the new songs won't be as good as Tell All Your Friends was. Not that I am expecting them to recreate that album, but I am hoping they can at least recapture some of the energy that really made that album special. After hearing the studio version of "El Paso", I am a little worried because it just didn't do anything for me, but the live versions of other new songs sound great. I guess I will find out on June 28th when they release the new, self-titled album

Are there any bands you wish would get back together and perform again? Share them in the replies!

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