Sunday, May 1, 2011

This is it!

Finally! The last week of classes is about to start and I am only a few classes and some finals away from finally finishing up my undergrad degree. I am feeling a mixture of excitement and uneasiness as I prepare to leave SUNY Oswego, a school that felt like a perfect fit the first time I stepped on campus as a transfer student almost 3 years ago. This summer I will be getting married to my fiancee who I met on campus, getting my journalism degree, and working full-time. After always saying "I can't wait to be in college/out of college" through my teenage years, that day is finally here. It is both extremely exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

I enjoyed writing music posts to share with everyone in CRW 408, but this marks the final blog entry for that class. I am glad we had to keep these blogs because it helped keep me writing at a time where it would have been easy to simply stop. I plan on using this experience as a stepping stone to continue this blog and also continue writing album reviews like I used to do in the past.

Since it has been a habit of mine to post music videos/songs with my entry, I felt it would only be fitting to post this to sort of tie in to finally graduating from college :

Around graduations it's tradition for people to feel nostalgic about high school, college, friends and everything that comes with leaving simpler times behind for a world full of new responsibilities. That being said, here is a playlist that represents my time in college and high school and all the memories that go with those times.

Unfortunately there wasn't an official video for this song.

I wish everyone luck on their finals and congratulations to my fellow seniors!

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